Torque Pro Apk (OBD 2 & Car) v1.12.98 Download Latest 2021

Learn About the Fascinating Toque Pro APK

It’s interesting how technology keeps advancing and making our lives better every single day. Tech enthusiasts keep thinking about what to do next that can solve our everyday problems. Developing Torque pro APK was wise because it assists tablets and smartphones in connecting to cars via Bluetooth and subsequently diagnose and provides advice on car issues. You can fix some problems without proceeding to a car warranty center. Torque pro cannot replace professional mechanics, but it works accurately to check many problems using the car and phone sensors. In this article, I discuss the exciting features of Torque Pro APK and explain how they can assist you.

Torque Pro Apk (OBD 2 & Car)

Torque Pro is a program designed to assist you in diagnosing the state of your vehicle/ car. For example, you can find out the amount of oil or gasoline and the water speed level. Below are the functions:

Decoration of the Dashboard:

You can use the handy widgets to decorate your dashboard. Again, its theme support comes in handy to customize the look of your dashboard. Therefore, you can change the themes as frequently as you want.

Supports GPS:

With Torque Pro, you can tell the location of the car since it cooperates well with the GPS navigation. Therefore, you can get the exact location where you are at the moment or where you are headed.

Torque Pro Apk (OBD 2 & Car)

Offer Car Performance and Diagnostic tools:

It features a Dynamometer that gives you the measurement of the power output of your car engine. The Horsepower shows you the power of your engine while the torque will show you how fast your car can accelerate. Moreover, torque has 0-60 speed timings that are more accurate than a plain old GPS. Consequently, you can track your car or see how fast it is.

Also, it has CO2 emissions readout and read Transmission Temperatures. Similarly, you can take a video of your journey by the Track Recorder plugin with onscreen OBD2 data overlay. This feature can also help you with tracking your car. It also has a massive fault code database that can give fault codes from distinct manufacturers.

Again, it features a GPS Tracking/ Speedometer as well as a real-time web upload capability. Hence, you can observe what you were doing and your car engine at a specific time. Similarly, it’s fitted with alarms and warnings. Thus, it will send you signals via speech/voice overlay when necessary, for instance, when your coolant temperature rises above 120C while driving.

Additionally, the program is fixed with 7th screens so you can observe the basic information such as figures, charts, and tables.

Provides HUD mode:

With its heads-up display (HUD) mode, it assists you when driving at night. Therefore, it is an essential app for people who own cars.

Torque Pro Apk (OBD 2 & Car)

Offers Compass: 

Besides, this application gives you a compass that can guide you in the directions. The compass is GPS Based, thus would not suffer any magnetic interference. In addition, you can automatically send GPS tagged tweets to twitter and other social sites.

Torque Pro APK is compatible with Android mobile devices as well as iOS platforms. However, you need to use an OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter for Torque Pro to function.

It costs $4.99 only to get Torque Pro application on the Android Play store. For car owners, it’s worth every penny because it will save you trips to the garage for problems that you can identify early enough and rectify. When cars get problems, the owners usually rush them to the garage, but when you have Torque pro, you will realize that some of the issues are not as serious as you think. Hence, you can fix them easily.

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