TextNow Premium Apk v22.11.1.0 Mod (Full Unlocked)

TextNow Premium Apk: Stay Connected Pay Less

TextNow Premium apk is the latest innovation in the long list of apps connecting people instantly. TextNow offers free calling and messaging services to customers from around the world. TextNow assigns users a separate second number which can then be used for all your messaging, calling, and voicemail needs. You can also upgrade to TextNow Premium apk to unlock more features.

TextNow Premium Apk

How does it work?

TextNow assigns you a number from US or Canada based on your preference. You just have to enter an area code of your choice in these countries. TextNow apk then uses your internet connection to place free calls in US and Canada.

Minimal Costs

TextNow apk works in over a hundred countries. The app allows free calls in USA and Canada while the rates for international calling are minimal. For example, you can make international calls to India for less than one cent per minute. Similarly calls in China cost just over two cents per minute. The good news is that texting all over the world using TextNow Premium apk is absolutely FREE.


A great advantage of installing Textnow apk on your android device is that you’ll be using a separate number. Think of the many situations where you wished you had a second phone number. You can use it to make online purchases, plan work-related calls, separate friends and family numbers, and much more. During this Covid-19 pandemic, in particular, a lot of deals are done from your phone, and in a number of situations, a TextNow assigned second number can come in handy.

TextNow is easy to use with an optimized interface. You can instantly connect with your contacts, use a number of custom emojis, make unlimited local calls, and much more. The base app contains ads which might cause a hindrance for some users. Not to worry, you can always unlock premium features by installing TextNow Premium apk. This will make the user experience a lot more smooth.

TextNow Premium Apk

TextNow Premium features

No Ads

Textnow Premium removes ads and improves user experience. You can stay in touch with your friends without having to spend time watching ads.

Call Forwarding

With the call forwarding feature, you can use your TextNow number to divert calls to any other number in USA and Canada. Calls will be forwarded even if the target device does not have the app installed.

Phone number locking

With millions of downloads and an ever-increasing customer base, there’s a limit to unique numbers available for new customers. You have to stay active on TextNow so that your number doesn’t get recycled. However, by getting the TextNow subscription you can take care of that problem. Your number will not be recycled as long as you have a subscription.

Voicemail Transcription

TextNow Premium offers customers a voicemail transcription service. Upgrade your app and have your Voicemails in text form.

TextNow Premium Apk

TextNow Premium apk is a game changer for the communications landscape. You can say goodbye to your over the top phone bills and network issues. Download TextNow Premium app now and make unlimited free calls and messages to your loved ones.

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