PPSSPP Gold Apk Download v1.12.3 Latest PSP Emulator

Why PPSSPP Gold apk is famous worldwide

PPSSPP Gold – PSP Emulator

PPSSPP Gold is the best, original, and most popular PSP Emulator for Android devices. On this application, you can play different exciting games more conveniently and more efficiently with high speed. They display in high resolution (HD) mode. Content rating of PPSSPP Gold- PSP Emulator is 3+ years. It is rated 4.6 by 12,662 users. More than 100k users downloaded this app.


PPSSPP Gold is one of the fastest, stable, and legal PSP Emulator. Extra features with high definition make it the best Android emulator on PSP.

Specific settings 

It has specific settings for its better performance. The power of Android devices affects its performance; so, one can improve its quality as well as its performance through these settings. Modern devices are more recommended for better results.

No need for heavy processors and large memory 

You can play many legendary games that required heavy processors and large memory and enjoy your favorite games on your Android phones and experience the real joy of playing games. With PPSSPP Gold, these games can run more smoothly on your phones.

Easy to download

PPSSPP Gold free apk can easily be downloaded and installed on your Android devices.


Some games which PPSSPP Gold Apk supports are;

● Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6

● Dragon Ball Z

● Final Fantasy: Type-0

● Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake

● Persona 2, Persona 3 Portable

● Worms

● Little Big Planet

● Wipeout

● Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator

● Lumines

● Soul Calibur

● Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS

● Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

and many other games …


Silent Features of PPSSPP Gold apk

When someone wants to download the emulator, the very first questions popup in one’s mind are:

What are the features of this application? Is it worth downloading? Etc.

Believe me, features of PPSSPP Gold Emulator are amazing when compare to other Emulators. Currently, there is no competitor of PPSSPP Gold in the market as it has great impact because of its significant features.


Important Features are as following:

Graphics settings

Graphics settings are of great importance for any application. If any of its configurations is inappropriate, then it will cripple the whole application. When properly configuration of PPSSPP Gold pro is done, it will boost the operations of the application.

Easily Understandable

The interface of this Emulator is cleanest and neatest so that it can easily be understood even by fresh and new users. They can operate this system with ease.

Satisfaction of User

While using PPSSPP Gold, users feel good as they can experience pleasure and ease when playing a game. Screen size can be adjusted according to the need of users as some games need a small screen or some run on large screens. So, in PPSSPP Gold screen adjustment is the best feature which satisfies most of the user’s requirements.

Game saving mode

In new android games, users can save data of game i.e., you can pause the game at any step or can again restart it where you pause the game. PPSSPP Gold now allows this feature due to which it attains worldwide popularity.

In short, PPSSPP Gold is the most famous PSP Emulator used worldwide due to its marvelous features. All those who want to enjoy gaming should download PPSSPP Gold Apk.

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