Package Disabler Pro Apk (Samsung) v16.5 Paid Latest

Package disabler pro apk cracked and its features

Package disabler pro apk in only available for Samsung devices. It does not work on rooted devices. It is a paid app, but if the user does not like it, then the money is refundable within five days. The user will have to upload the invoice within five days, and the payment of the user will be returned within 24 hours. This app was originally developed by OSPOLICE in 2014. Within 2 years of development of this app, 10,000 downloads have been done of this app and which shows the high quality and high performance of this app. Its trademark serial number is 87012523. It is a UK based company that is working under UK and EU laws.

Package Disabler Pro Apk Cracked (Samsung) v16.5 Paid Latest

Package Disabler Pro Apk

How does it work?

-This app will help in identifying and disabling all unwanted apps in the cell phone that comes pre-installed in the cell phone.

-It has a one-click option to disable all BLOTWARES, so the disabled app will not be updated later on google play store or on any other means.

-So this app can be used to block the apps such as its use as parental controls are very beneficial.

-Even google play store can be disabled by using this app without rooting the phone.

-To avoid misuse of the app, this app provides a password for protection and an uninstall option. It also has import and export back up options to back up all of the disabled packages on external storage.


-Usually, with the passage of time, mobile performance is slowed down, and this app is the best solution for those firms or businesses who want to control the apps on their employee’s devices.

-Parental control is the best application of this app to restrict some apps on their kid’s devices.

-It is used in trade shows to clean up the launcher screen when these are used for demonstration.

-It is suspected that important features may break when disabling system apps.

Package Disabler Pro Apk

Package Disabler Pro Samsung Apk Features:

-Disabling and enabling any package.

-One-click bloatware removal.

-Password protection.

-A batch operation to enable all disabled packages.

-Filter to show all installed apps.

-Quickly find apps by using the search option.

-Easy uninstall option.

-Google Cardboard apps on Gear VR.

How to uninstall this app?

If you are facing any difficulty in uninstalling this app, then you will have to use this way to uninstall this app.

Open settings, then security, then device administrators, then uncheck package disabler admin.


To update the version of Android, it is necessary to keep all of the apps in their original place.

During the updating, the data might be removed, so it is always advised to keep the back up of data.

Package Disabler Pro Apk


The version of this app is 7.4.
It is available for android 3.0 or above.
It was lastly updated in 02/04/2017.

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