Fake GPS Joystick And Routes Go Apk v3.01 Latest Paid

Fake GPS joystick and routes go apk

Fake GPS joystick and routes go app has been made on the principle of location spoofing, so this app generates fake locations to send other users. This app is recommended for all age groups. But this app is only available for androids. Its PC version is not available. This app is basically used in GPS driven games, so this app provides fake locations during online gaming to keep the privacy of their original locations, and this app also contains joystick so that gamers may find ease in playing games in their comfort zones. But there is a need to take care of children from using this app because its features are not safe for children, and they can not understand its spoofing function, but on the other hand, this app is useful for adults, and they may get benefits from this app. Fake GPS joystick and routes go was lastly updated in September 2019, which means that it is available in the latest version.


Fake GPS Joystick And Routes Go Apk v3.01 Latest Full Paid

New Features of this app:

This app has some new features now, which makes it’s unique from other apps.

  • Bug fixing, improved expert mode, unlimited waypoints for routes, catch-a-rex, fly GPS joystick, and import/export of fav routes.
  • It works in androids 6.0 and the latest androids from this. Its modes of operations are automated movement and automated altitude.
  • But there must be activated VPN service to change location on browser. This app is available in the paid version, which is economical 3.99$.
  • Its updated settings include updated interval, speed, altitude, accuracy, and better spoofing. And its root support for mock location is disabled.
  • Its map is moved, and its center icon is used to start a single location.
  • This app is permissible to the internet, SD card, access coarse and beautiful location, and for mock locations under developer, settings to display the map view on the go, to import and export of favorites and to fake current locations respectively.



  • Till now this app has been translated in English and German language.

Advantages of Fake GPS Joystick And Routes Go Apk:

  • This fake GPS joystick is useful when a mobile phone battery is dead, and one needs to highlight the location.
  • And sometimes, there can be an error of GPS when it starts showing fake locations, and locations are not accurate as of that of requirement.
  • But this app is highly efficient, and it’s on-the-fly controls are excellent for geocaching. This app consists of fake GPS joystick, which controls its one-touch and its ability to display automatic movements. It will also save memory, such as it will save the history of the user and previous tags, so it might be helpful for the users to check their previous records. To enable its expert mode, there will need to remove the copy from the system, and if this app is automatically updated from Google, then there will need to remove its first download. This app also saves history and tags, and for this purpose, this app must be used in expert mode.


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