Arc Launcher Pro Apk Download v43.4 Mod [SAP] [Latest]

ARC LAUNCHER and its key benefits

Arc launcher is a 3D launcher, and it is a theme app lock. It is highly customized and has been built as performance-driven with the cost of 100k. This app has ratings of 4.5/5 on the play store and has user reviews of about 44k+. So it shows the high quality of this app. It makes an android home screen cool, stylish, and give some attractive appearance.

Arc Launcher Pro Apk Download v43.4 Mod [SAP] [Latest]


Arc Launcher Pro Features:

It has incredible premium themes, and its arc dialer is updated.

Its arc news is updated.

It has new 3D themes.

It has some new categories, such as communicationbusiness, media, productivity, and much more.

It has some new features that users can create a new category.

It contains frequent new apps, and all of these apps are in different layouts.

The users can add arc widgets on top with system widgets.

It contains features of app lock, app hide, and icon pack with custom pack icons.

It has notifications badge, which can be enabled or disabled according to the requirements of the user.

It fixes bugs, so it is safe for devices as well.

This version is more stable.

It is available in a free personalization app.


This app was lastly updated on 15/10/2019.

It is available in its latest version i.e., 30.3.

It is available for Android 4.4+ and above.


It is simple to use.

It is small in size, so it easy to keep it in androids.

It speeds up devices.

It makes androids well organized.

This app has four pages.



Iron theme:

The first theme of this app is the iron theme.

Home screen:

It gives weather updates, trending news updates, time, and ten of the most frequently used apps on the home.

An unlimited number of favorite apps can be added to the arc launcher from the app drawer.

It has a new feature regarding the charging of cell phones as it will start changing its home screen color in red.

App Drawer:

Its app drawer has been developed in Alphabetic. There will need to scroll down a little, and the user will easily find the apps in alphabetical order.

It also has a search bar on which apps can be searched easily.

Quick contacts page:

There is no need to open the contacts. This app has some quick options.

The user will have to swipe left from the home screen, and quick contacts will be opened there.

Favorite contacts list and recently contacted numbers can be found easily on this app.


Quick shortcuts:

It has shortcuts of all settings.

Android settings device menu is quite confusing, but it has some shortcuts which are easy to use.

Short cuts of the flashlight, Bluetooth, location settings, calendar all of these shortcuts are available on its menu.

Launcher settings:

It provides options to customize the launcher.

It contains options of page sliding animations, app drawer animations, news widget, weather.


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